Code Thoughts

Side projects

Over the years I’ve worked on hundreds of side projects that have never seen the light of day. There’s a number of reasons for this; sure some are abandoned, but others are just prototypes, others find their ideas repurposed for client work. Others are on the later-base.

They’re always fun to work on, give you a different perspective and ultimately make you better at your craft.

I’m hoping to follow more of my own advice and get a few more of them shipped.

First one I’m going to look at is an iOS client for HobbyScribe. It has a modest user base and a modest set of features, but should provide a couple of useful and re-usable elements for more apps I’ve got lying around.

Don’t want to make it some sort of app a month challenge, but I would like to get a couple more out there if only to try things out.

Bear with me.