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Jobby Job

I work as Technical Director at Genius Division with long-time friends and colleagues James Sheriff and Craig Burgess.

Finally launched a new app (a while ago now) built in Swift UI – Fells. It’s doing pretty well for a side-project; I’m going to try and do an update for iOS 16 soon!

This turned into more of an internal tool which I’ve been doing some cool work on recently – hopefully will put some posts up about it soon.


Coming up to my 7th wedding anniversary.

My sons are now 6 and 2 years old! Unbelievable.

Just been to Disneyland Paris for a few days with family, as well as spending some time in the Highlands earlier in the summer.


Got myself a Personal Trainer for a few months earlier in the year, and back to the gym. Developed tennis elbow so giving the weights a rest for a while.

Back to a low-carb diet and swimming/walking when I can. I’ve lost about 2.5st so far – first time I’ve been under 16st in about 7 years!

Aiming to be 15st by December.


Still painting Games Workshop miniatures in my spare time, see @hobbitarn on Twitter.

Reading through Horus Heresy novels at the moment, and still popping in and out of Middle-earth.